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Secret, the newest rescued!
Every day more needy animals arrive at our Sanctuary.
Even going through difficulties, certain situations that we cannot close our eyes to.

With that, we really need the help of each one of you to save more lives and continue to maintain our work.
If everyone who follows us here becomes a monthly contributor, we'll hit our goal and things will be much easier for us!
It's super quick and easy and you can be a contributor by donating from 1 Real per month only! 😱

We just launched this campaign!
Come with us friends! We need you!
And here it comes with us?!


Just click and be one of our contributors😀❤️🙏🏻:
Note: At the end of the contribution, when entering the amount, DO NOT enter the cents, otherwise there is no error!
Example: Want to donate fifty reais 👇🏻


WRONG: 50.00



Deposit to our account:
Fairy Sanctuary Association


Ag 0488
Current account 06365-2
CNPJ 16.724.958/0001-65

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