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Daniele de Miranda - co-founder of União Libertária Animal (ULA) and Vegetariando Por Aí.


Veganism is...


full and honest demonstration of respect for animals. 
see the animal as someone else, not as something.
take a stand in their favor in every day-to-day choice.
abdicating our privileges in order not to enjoy what abused them in some way.
Adopt out of love, not race.
break cages and plant trees.
take the animals off the plate and leave them in the heart.
to see that the beauty of an animal is in its freedom, living for its own reasons.
to know that it is not a personal choice, but a moral one, as it involves the lives of others.
take responsibility and not look for excuses in third parties.
Be the change you want to see in the world.
get out of the comfort zone.
don't pretend you didn't see it.
not to ignore females exploited as sows, dairy and laying hens.
don't repudiate calories, repudiate violence.
Don't just think about yourself, but about others.
not just wanting bigger but empty cages.


Animals are sensitive, complex and conscious individuals, with physical, psychological and social aspects, and have an interest in avoiding pain and suffering, and maintaining their freedom and life. Have you ever thought about this? This must be respected and taken into account in the way we behave with them. Mainly we, adult humans, who within this ecosystem, are the moral agents.

Veganism is whatever you do for animals without a spotlight. It's your daily choices thinking about them. They are concrete, politicized, independent and ethical attitudes, without "but", without "if"...  It is the daily practice based on the basic moral rights of animals, which seeks to avoid objectification, exploitation and their abuse through the boycott of activities and products resulting from their use, manipulation,  confinement, deprivation, mutilation, disturbance, death...

Vegans boycott any product of animal origin (food or otherwise), such as meat, animal milk, eggs, leather, ...   in addition to products that have been tested on animals or that include any possible form animal exploitation in its ingredients or production. As well as activities that keep animals to be used for some purpose, such as tours, numbers and photos in the tourism industry.

For the vegan, animals do not exist for humans. Each animal is the owner of its own life, thus having the right not to be treated as a means or property (decoration, entertainment, food, guinea pig, merchandise, driving force, etc.). If you are not yet vegan, but believe that all of them, anywhere in the world, regardless of species, deserve respect and live for their own reasons, here is an invitation to wake up, think globally and act locally from today: make choices vegan. For them.

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