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The Fairy Sanctuary is a place that rescues and welcomes, mainly farm animals victims of mistreatment, neglect and abuse. At the Sanctuary, these animals often arrive weakened and without any dignity. Here, in addition to treating the physical, we also treat their emotions, bringing back the self-esteem of these animals and confidence in humans.


It is very hard work but also a lot of love and fraternity that rescues the essence of each individual. The animals that live here live their lives freely receiving lots of love and care. The Sanctuary was founded in 2008 in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro by veterinarian, vegan and abolitionist Patricia Fittipaldi.

We are a non-profit association. With that, we literally live on donations and seek partners every day, both individuals and companies, who can collaborate in helping us maintain the Sanctuary.



Why an animal sanctuary?


One of the justifications for the existence of an animal sanctuary is the need for an appropriate place to shelter the most varied species of animals victims of human action. Animals victims of neglect and abuse, which ended up being their own luck.

A sanctuary can recover and in some situations return these animals to nature. With this we will be minimizing the damage caused by man to nature and giving a second chance to these animals.

Sanctuaries can carry out different types of activities, such as, for example, environmental education work, rescue and release of recovered wild animals and creation of enclosures as close to the natural habitat as possible for the animals that remained in the sanctuary.



Saving the lives of different species of animals, offering them a permanent home, where they will have the chance to have a happy and safe life. We intend, through environmental education work, to make people aware of the importance of preserving animals, plants, water and our entire planet. Thus showing that we can live in harmony with all beings and respect them.

We believe that only through respect for all beings and elements of nature, be it animal, vegetable, mineral, earth and water, the planet can be saved. All beings deserve to be respected and should be free, having full rights and control over their lives. The abolition of animal slavery is the only solution for a libertarian world, a happy, colorful, fragrant and harmonious world .

A world where human and non-human animals can live together in full harmony and together participate in the show that is life! Live and let live! Be Vegan! Love and respect the world, your world, our world!


Our Goals

Rescue and provide a permanent home for animals of various species that have been victims of abandonment, neglect, exploitation, abuse and animal trafficking. Provide these animals with a peaceful, happy, safe, healthy life , good food, hygiene and dignity.

Make the population aware of the importance of environmental preservation and the right to life that all animals should have.

Our biggest goal is to become self-sustainable one day, developing projects and activities so that one day it becomes a reality.

Patricia Fittipaldi
Founder of Fairy Sanctuary
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