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Friends, we urgently need all the help possible to reach this goal of fifty thousand!
Do not forsake us in this moment of agony that we are going through!

We have two loans totaling almost R$30,000 that we took out to pay late ration slips some time ago and until today we haven't been able to quitar.Every month we pay very high installments with interest on these loans.
Apart from this big debt, we still need help to keep our animals!

Every month it's almost 4 tons of feed!
Those twenty thousand reais that would be left over would help us pay other open bills and relieve us to have two months of guaranteed food for our animals.
If everyone contributes a little, it won't be heavy for anyone.


We need your support to continue developing our work and keeping our animals and saving more innocent lives!
Approximately 150 animals live in our sanctuary, including cattle, horses, pigs, birds in general, goats, dogs, cats and some wild ones, freed from the most diverse situations of abuse.


Let's make this chain of good work!
To learn more about our work, follow us on our social media!



We count on the support of all of you!


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