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Friends, we at Sanctuary of the Fairies are helping to publicize this great campaign!

Do you  remember the horses that were used in the carriages of Paquetá, which were freed and are now free living a dignified and happy life?!
They are  living and being protected by Núcleo Crer Sendo, Nova Terra light-community, where the animals of the Fairy Sanctuary are also temporarily housed since we lost our headquarters because of the rains.
They are  in URGENT need of monthly collaborators to help feed these horses!

Please, if each one could donate 1 bag of feed every month, they could live more peacefully, because they live on donations and every month it is a struggle to keep these animals.
Contribute and make a difference! If everyone collaborates a little bit, it won't be heavy for anyone!😊🙏🏻🐴❤️

The deposit account is on this banner!
For  who can be a monthly contributor, contact the email below to be included in the group of collaborators that will be created on WhatsApp zap:




CLICK   beside to view enlarged banner.

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