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Guys, the time has come! We are very anxious!

This Monday, December 11th, we will be making our move to a new property that we rent in Teresópolis and that we will later try to buy by carrying out a campaign.
But that will be later...

As everyone knows, we were sheltered at Núcleo Crer Sendo for more than a year since we lost our headquarters due to the rains and they welcomed us with a lot of love and with open arms during all this time.

And we have no words to express our gratitude for this ❤️
But the Nucleus pasture is almost gone because of the large number of large animals we have and so do they.
With that we will leave there so that neither our animals are harmed nor theirs.

The coolest thing is that we managed to rent a property very close to theirs, which will facilitate the transport of the animals.
Our big problem is that this new property does not have adequate enclosures and our animals will be completely in places improvised by us on the spot, because we have to move on Monday and we also don't have the financial resources to buy material and labor for the new enclosures.

With that in mind, very soon we will be starting a big campaign at kickante to raise funds for the construction of the new venues and we will count on your collaboration!

At the moment we only ask for prayers and positive energies so that everything goes well in our change and in this new phase😊🙏🏻
And guys, help us complete our goal in our vakinha, because our ration is over and we are desperate, because there are a lot of things happening together for us to solve, change, ration that is over 😢
We need you!

Vakinha link:

Anyone who can contribute can make a deposit into our account or through our website by PayPal or pagseguro or through our vakinha.

On us:
Fairy Sanctuary Association
Ag 0488
Current account 06365-2
CNPJ 16.724.958/0001-65​

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