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First of all, we would like to thank with all our love and from the heart our brothers from Núcleo Crer Being who welcomed us when we needed it most when we lost our thirst with the rains last year.

Pama, who is the founder of Núcleo, has welcomed us until now, taking care of our animal children with all her love and respect.
We have no words to describe our gratitude. But our time has come to leave... We have a lot of cattle and, along with those they protect, there are almost 40 cattle, in addition to the more than 40 horses there and all the other animals. it is totally scarce and we cannot and do not want to harm them.

Because in addition to our animals being harmed, theirs are too. We made a very important and courageous decision, because as you know, we live on donations, charitable events and partnerships that arise sporadically to help us. Starting in November, we will rent a farm in Teresópolis for 3,100.00 per month, close to the Nucleus, on the same road.

We closed a 5-year lease. This farm is also for sale and with that in October we will start a big campaign at kickante to try to raise funds for the purchase of it. Once again, we need your collaboration both to help us with the rent that we will have to pay monthly and when the campaign goes live.

We are also already doing the calculations for the works to build the enclosures on the new property, as we will only be able to take the animals once all the enclosures are ready.
We need to move by December!

One more fight that we will face, but we are sure that with the help of all of you everything will work out! We at Sanctuary of the Fairies will face yet another new stage. But we certainly have faith that it will be a very positive change.  We already have many projects in mind, such as monitored visitation among others.

Projects that helped us maintain the Sanctuary.
Entrepreneurs, individuals, anyone interested in sponsoring us in any way, contact us or via our email or via our phone and WhatsApp (21) 99606-3626.


Gratitude to everyone who supports us in every endeavor we face!

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