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Friends and friends of Fairy Sanctuary🇧🇷 Who here plays sports? Look at another beautiful initiative to help the animals here! Do The Great Fighter🇧🇷

Thank you to everyone who is collaborating by purchasing their t-shirt and thus helping us! The T-shirt can be purchased on any virtual platform of the brand. Here on facebook, ou 21 98126-7124 (Whatsapp)


"And here's the long awaited moment. We present to you the newest GYM tank top from TheGreatFighter. And look how cool, by purchasing this beautiful shirt, you will automatically be helping to keep alive one of the most important pro animal liberation projects. 10% of the votes sales of this shirt will go to the Fairy Sanctuary, which has been experiencing financial problems
The shirt costs R$40.00 and you can buy it on any brand's virtual platform. 

@thegreatfighterteam (instagram and facebook)
21 98126-7124 (WhatsApp)

Come on people, let's participate in this campaign that is very worthwhile. And oh!!! You can also help the Sanctuary in other ways, in addition to purchasing the shirt, you can donate any amount. To do this, just contact elxs at @santuario_das_fadas


Learn more about the current situation. The Fairy Sanctuary is home to more than 130 animals, such as pigs, cows, goats, roosters, ducks, dogs, cats... all rescued from situations of abuse and exploitation. The monthly costs are huge. You have to keep them fed and healthy daily. As a result, a debt of R$50,000 has accumulated, which needs to be paid off so that it is possible to continue feeding the animals! Through an online Vakinha, it was possible to raise 47% of this amount. Now we are counting on your help to raise as much as possible. Any and all help is welcome.
Go Veg!"

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