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The Fairy Sanctuary is under water and mud!!!Help!

We will count on your help!!

Friends, today we went through another hardship here😞 The rains were so heavy that there were landslides, flooding and destroying several animal enclosures here at the sanctuary.

We need to get out of here urgently!
We are desperate and had to improvise other places right here for the animals that had their enclosures destroyed.

For those who don't know, we've been trying to sell our current headquarters for a while so we can move to another location, because our current location no longer holds our animals and more than a year ago I separated from my ex husband and I need to sell the property to share the money with him. We are totally desperate because we don't even have the money to rebuild what was destroyed and we are afraid of our landslides and new damage, because the rains don't stop.

Soon we will be running a big campaign to try to raise funds to buy the new headquarters, because with the crisis we have been trying to sell here for more than a year and so far nothing. We are totally desperate and unmotivated, without knowing what to do, because without money and without a new place to go, soon we will be able to go through a bigger tragedy with these rains.

Anyone who can help us in any way, contact our phones (21) 996063626 and (24) 992424066. But only call those who have a real solution, because we'll be stuck here trying to recover things for here.  We won't be able to answer messages on Facebook!


Our deposit account is:
Itau bank
Current account 59501-8
Agency 0488
CPF 083136197-24
On behalf of the founder: Patricia Fittipaldi

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