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Guys, it was a unique, pioneering, historic moment, the liberation of the Paquetá horses! I want to thank everyone who participated to make this day come!

I want to thank the activists who for years with us have been denouncing and fighting for this day to come, my dear friend Silvia Mibiele who has been fighting for this for years, Reynaldo Velloso, prosecutor Christiane Monerrat, dear police friends Daniela Almeida and Bruno from DPMA, doctor Alceu, SEPDA and of course the city hall that made all of this possible.

I also want to thank the carters who peacefully delivered the horses and who TB will now need all the help as they will be starting their work with electric carts and deserve help like all beings.

We are here for the animals, but we can never forget the humans. We want and we were winners in the manumission of the horses of Paquetá, but also we want everything to be right for these former carters who they were pioneers in reaching an agreement with the city hall and will start their new life with electric carts. Everybody has families and needs to support themselves and now they will do it in a beautiful way, without the horses and with the carts electrical.


The carts will be delivered this weekend. Don't forget to go to Paquetá and ride the electric carts, as they symbolize the victory of manumission of these horses! #packethorses

CLICK   to see photos of this historic moment!

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