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People, look at the most beautiful thing in this life!❤❤❤❤❤
It's for children like this that I still have hope in humanity 🙏🌈🌱

This beautiful girl created a little book that is already being sold and whose income is fully reverted to our sanctuary!

📚 Agathinha's book is now available on Amazon!

In addition to the direct concern for animals, the book represents hope and a call for change from future generations. 🇧🇷
It's great for working with kids in schools and giving as a gift. 🇧🇷

It's a children's book for children, because representation matters. Furthermore, it shows that everyone can come together and do something for a better world. 🇧🇷

Agatha is six years old, she wrote and illustrated the book I LIKE ANIMALS at the age of 5 to help animals. In the book, Agatha brings her vision of the relationship between human beings and animals and explores what it means to like of the animals. And you, do you also like animals?
Come find out! 🇧🇷

All proceeds from the author will be donated to the Fairy Sanctuary.

Let's help many animals together! 🇧🇷

Soon, launch in Brasilia-DF. (If interested, contact us directly at ) 


May we have hope and unity for change! 🇧🇷
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