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Friends look at our newest partner!


We are very happy with this beautiful partnership 😊🙏💜🐮🐷🐴🐏🐐🐶🐈🐁🐔


The darlings of the Rosa Verde inn!


Posted by them:


"We here at Pousada Rosa Verde have a lot to celebrate in the month of October! It's 2 years since the opening of the Pousada, World Vegetarian Day and World Animal Day! To celebrate such special dates, we are signing yet another good partnership. Now 5% of our income raised in cash will go to @santuario_das_fadas , located in Rio de Janeiro, a place that rescues animals victims of mistreatment and, mainly, those said to be consumed by humans. available here for anyone who wants to help Fairy Sanctuary spontaneously. what is this item? What's cool about it? Write a captivating description to grab your audience's attention.."

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