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Friends for those who don't remember, in February of this year 2016, due to the rains, we had many landslides here at the headquarters of the Sanctuary of the Fairies where we had all the enclosures destroyed and flooded and with that we are sheltered until today at the headquarters at Núcleo Crer Being in Teresópolis where we were welcomed with great affection and we will be eternally grateful. But we can't stay here forever. With that in a 1 month we will start a great campaign to try to raise funds for the purchase of a new headquarters that we already have in mind.


We will need all your support, the media and all the artists who will participate in our campaign supporting us.  We are already vibrating with a lot of positive energy so that this campaign that we are starting is a success and so let's get our new land where we will continue and expand our project saving more innocent lives and developing many projects to make the sanctuary self sustainable!

We count on the support of all of you in this great initiative!
The campaign will be live soon!

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